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les énergies alternatives en fonction

Fossil fuels combustion, CO2 and global warming. For many decades the very limited cost of the fossil energies coal, oil (petroleum) and natural gas has allowed an industrial development without any historical match.

Today, the effects of this consumption are affecting human health and the viability of the whole planet is at stake. This model of consumption is about to change, would it be only because the cost of the fossil fuels increases, but especially because the rarity of these energies will make it increase more and more! Some years or decades yet and we shall change energy, by force if needed!

turbine hydroélectriqueThe most known 3 sources of energy are: the wind (windmill), the sun (solar panel), and the water (hydraulics). These 3 renewable sources of energy are presented here because it is those who offer really effective products to a realistic cost and with a mode of functioning and maintenance within the reach of all and today.

The wind turbine : uses the power of the wind to activate a generator which produces electricity.

The solar energy capture the sunlight either to use directly its heat, or to produce electricity.

éolienne de particulier pour petites installations.jpg The hydraulics uses the force of the water either to activate a generator which produces electricity, or to activate a pump (Bélier hydraulic) which allows to accumulate some water in a point higher than its point of origin without the other energy than the water itself. Each of these renewable energies is here detailed. Advantages, inconveniences and specificities are exposed. Links towards companies and existing products are also proposed to continue your researches further.

The fourth section presents the energy production cycle for electricity in  an stand alone model. It is not any more enough to connect with the electricity network and to consume some electricity. When you produce your own energy, you will need certain products to regulate, store, and convert the electricity. You can also consult useful links and make more detailed researches in this section.