panneau solaire ultra plat 80 watts
Production Cycle
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The cycle of production, stocking and consumption of the electrical energy

The renewable energies is founded on the concept of self-sufficient micro-stations which produce, store and consumes the electricity it need.

2 or 3 stages are required for the cycle of production of the energy in self-sufficient mode.

régulateur de charge pour batterie 12 volts
  1. The production of energy, by hydroelectricity, wind turbine or sun panels. The wind turbine and the hydraulics often require controllers (brakes) not to exceed he production capacity of the generator.
  1. The stocking of the electricity produced. The stocking requires a regulator which allows to regulate the electricity charge and to cut off the circuit when batteries are loaded. A series of batteries, in 12 volts is generally needed, to store efficiently the produced electricity and have enough power during the consumption periods.
  1. If we want to use convertisseur - inverter 1000 wattsconventional working devices in 110 volts or 220 volts, we will needs a converter which transforms at the time of the use of the device the 12 volt of the batteries in 100 or 220 v needed.
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Tips and Tricks

Note: the viability of a self-sufficient site often requires by the combination of several alternative energies and by heating with wood fire (slow combustion), because the house heating is the most important consumption of energy.

Try occasion market to find of the material and products and start a new installation you will upgrade later. Ebay for example is a good site to find devices and products of second-hand alternative energies.