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Wind energy

The wind energy uses the driving force of the wind to activate a generator. The progress of the efficiency of generators are impressive these last years with the apparition of wind turbine of small scale having the vocation to feed a micro-site as small as a house. It becomes possible to produce and to consume on the spot the electricity with a cost that is comparable to the conventional cost of electricity.

Wind generator are generally installed on a tower, then are connected with a charger-regulator which allows to control the load of one or several batteries. They also need to have a brake which slows down pales when the wind is too strong to avoid the excess loads, warming and other breakdowns. Also the regulator of load is very important because it disconnects the windmill of the battery when this one is loaded in full capacity. See the cycle of production, preservation and consumption of the electrical energy.

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Advantages of the wind energy

The production cost is very low once the installation is finished.

There are practically no environmental impacts connected with the wind energy, even if certain complains the sight and of the noise of the turbine.

The source of energy is unlimited and its consumption affects in no way the source of  it, that is the wind.



Inconveniences of the wind energy

The cost of a new installation is still expensive but continue to decrease year after year.

The installation often requires a tower from 30 to 90’ which implies a careful assembly and foundations.

The site must be rather strongly exposed to winds and best sites have regular wind power and direction). The irregularity of the wind can raise problems if the wind is absent several days. It is then necessary to foresee a stronger storage capacity (by increasing the number of batteries.