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Hydro-electric power

The hydro-electric power uses the driving force of the water to activate a generator. Used for decades, small stations of productions have decrease very sharply during the creation of State monopolies on the electricity.

roue a aube ancestraleThe exploitation of the hydro-electricity was often made large-scale with the construction of gigantic dam and ecological impacts which are far from being unimportant. Today a new market is born with the development of generator of very small capacity requiring only a small water flow to work. We talk about micro-hydro-electric and pico-hydro-electric installations.

It will soon be possible to produce and to consume on the spot the electricity produced in a comparable cost to the conventional electricity without much impact on the source of the water thus with weak incidence on the environment.

For a complete piece of information about the electric installations, you will need to read the cycle of production, preservation and consumption of the electrical energy

bélier hydraulique Walton

The power of the water is also used to stock water in tank placed higher than the source thanks to the pump “Bélier”.

bélier hydrolique Schlumpf Very old system consuming no other energy that the water flow itself. The results are surprising: 20 % of the water which circulates in the pump is propelled up to 30 times higher than the pump. There are still 2 manufacturers of these pumps “belier”: in France : and in Swiss :

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Advantages of the hydro-electric power

The production costs once the installation is finished, are very low.
Turbine Pelton pour génératrice hydroélectriqueThe regularity of the water flow allows a very effective installation with few spare batteries.
The constancy of the electric production is the major quality of the hydroelectricity.
The increase of the debit in colder period fits the increase of needs in energy (lighting and heating)

The global source of energy is unlimited and its utilization consumption does not affect the source, that is the water itself. Careful precautions must be taken on each site.

Inconveniences of the hydro-electric power

The installation can be a little more complex than the solar energy and the wind turbine if we want to minimize its impact on the environment. No more than 20% of the flow must be taken.

Turbine Francis pour génératrice hydroélectrique

In cold countries, the stream can freeze and no more allow to produce some electricity, and can even cause damages in the installation.